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My name is Latasia and I’m the Libertarian Lesbian. I’m a former Liberal who noticed the progressives were getting out of hand and did some research. I’ve created this podcast and blog to share why I’ve since moved further to the right. The journey to Libertarianism started when Ron Paul ran for president but I was stuck on the ‘social issues’ of being a Liberal because I thought it was the right and empathetic way of thinking. After doing some research, I see now that I was wrong.

I’ve always tried to be a critical thinker and I’d rather know the painful truth instead of living in ignorant bliss. I challenge my beliefs regularly and I’m more than willing to be proven wrong about anything. That’s ultimately what saved me from the Leftist nonsense I was falling for.

So if you’re a Liberal that dares to hear another side of the story, a Republican who can stomach the fact that I’m gay, or a Libertarian that’s excited to find another Libertarian, subscribe to my newsletter, subscribe to the feed, and check out my social media pages to stay updated on what I’m working on!

I’m very passionate about getting the message out there and well aware of all the hate I’ll receive. But the positives will hopefully outweigh the negatives and I’m ready to see where this goes.


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Latasia Horton

Libertarian Lesbian